Hello I am Miffyiscute4 and I make art, fursuits, accessories and more!

Hello! I am Miffyiscute4, feel free to call me Miffy ^~^. I am 16 and live in the UK , more specifically the small quiet town of Burgess Hill. I am a newish maker and I make cheap fursuit accessories, fursuit parts and more. I also do art and will soon be doing animations too! Feel free to contact me if you are interested in commissions, I am most active on Discord (miffyiscute4#2222), Instagram (miffyiscute4) and Facebook (Miffy WingedWolf). My requests are sometimes open, I normally do basefills but sometimes also do art when I am trying to develop my style. Feel free to browse my site :3.  The art of Miffy on my banner was done by Kit Ngu on Facebook and I put together the banner. I use patterns by Kloofsuits. For paws I use their pattern and for head bases I edit the pattern. I will be making my own patterns soon, but credit to them. I also can use any patterns wanted :D <3.